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MD Emon

I traveled with tripzip and waiting for their next program.

Abdullah Kaosar

This is what should have been come earlier. Good luck to Tripzip. Tourism is't just tourism it's perhaps more than that.

Marium Roshny

One of the best competitions I have ever participated. Heartiest thanks to TripZip tours for organizing such an innovative competition for the students like us. Our entire journey with the industry leaders was so educative and amazing that we never felt bore for a single moment. A big gratitude towards the volunteers of Army-IBA for their amazing hospitality. Being a student of this industry, such initiatives will definitely help us to grow day by day. Good wishes to TripZip Tours for their upcoming events.

Md Ishak

TripZip is a trusted tourist agency that can help you in hotel booking, ensure you a comfortable journey and security. Moreover you can enjoy a memorable trip.

Arif Billah

They r very cordial and very good at service. At our Bali tour, they tried their best to entertain us. Thanks again. Tripzip Rockzzzz

Jewel Khan

like their support. really they are good.


Tripzip এর ট্যুর সার্ভিস গুলো সত্যিই অসাধারণ, আমি আমার পরিবারের সাথে কিছুদিন আগে ঈদের ছুটিতে Tripzip এর কাশ্মীর ট্যুর প্যাকেজে কাশ্মীর ভ্রমণ করে আসি...সত্যিই আমরা ওদের প্রত্যেকটি সার্ভিস নিয়ে অনেক হ্যাপি ছিলাম।ভবিষ্যতে আপনাদের সাথে আরো কাজ করার ব্যাপারে ইচ্ছুক ❤️

Shabab Islam

Being a traveller at heart and coming across a competition where you can actually implement ideas that will make our travel sector better is a dream come true. I truly am blessed to be participating in an event like this because I know that we can make a difference. Thank you TripZip tours for creating a platform for us students. Cheers.

Saadman Rahman Chowdhury

If they can organize such a wonderful event like Parjatan Idea Challenge, I can only imagine how well they can organize a tour for me and & my family. Excellent management, brilliant and a most knowledgeable judging panel, impeccable organizing, splendid hospitality - the event had it all. I like to travel a lot and plan to travel extensively for the next few years. I would definitely subscribe to their tour packages in future. I hope others do as well.

MD Ashikur Rahman

It is one of the best tourist agencies in Bangladesh that offers unique opportunities for everyone.

Shovon Rayhan

We came to know about this Travel company by random basis . After starting conversation, i shared my planning of visiting Kashmir including my budget,hotel, transport, food and all others. They tried to help me in every possible way. Actually they had set up my 7 days staying in Kashmir accordance to my choice. Whenever any thought came to my mind, i shared with them and they had made it in a good way. After going To Kashmir, i really became surprised. They had set up everything which was out of my thought. They were very helpful and well behaved. Special thanks to Kaniz apu..without her assistance, it wont be easy. I really recommend this page because in other agencies, we have to follow their schedule where this agency followed my schedule and helped to make a memorable visit to Kashmir.

Nahid Islam

The more I explore places the more I find my inner peace. This 3-day Mymensingh tour was exactly the same one. Tripzip made my tour to Mymensingh just WOW. This is the first time I have visited this place and got amazed with lots of natural beauty. The arrangement for stay is too good. I must thank kanji apu for her wonderful arrangement and hospitality at her place as well and the selection of the group members is appreciable. These are the group members who made this trip more live and memorable. I am grateful to all of them for their kind support and extra care. My journey with tripzip just began from now on.I wish Tripzip a great success ahead.

Tania Mansur

Very well organized, prompt and friendly services. Keep up the good work Tripzip. Can't wait for the next hols!

Shah Waseef Azam

Can I just start by saying that the people at Tripzip should get an award for their patience. I needed to arrange for a trip to Norway. And so I asked them to book the flight for me. But turns out I'm a total tourism dummy and was about to screw up the Visa, hotel and other travel bookings too without even knowing. I mean considering how many things I had missed (and how late I was to do them), if they weren't helping (like round the clock,) this trip might not have happened. They aren't just a tour operator, they're the 'Take care of everything (and let you be the kind of tourism idiot you are without making you feel bad)' kinda people. And the pricing is also super reasonable. I mean I know that not everyone's budget is the same, but they really put me at ease. Also Super Super polite. So yes, I would absolutely recommend that you check them out. I guess the quick list for recommendations would be: Flights, hotel bookings, visa processing tips, insurance and stuff, day planning, Also they have a bunch of set packages ready which seemed super cool.

Tamzid Hossain

TripZip has helped me with hotel bookings and that too with discounts! I was having a hard time booking hotel or resorts in Cox's Bazar but they helped me with everything. 5 stars all the way! Very happy with their seervice and they're very generous. Kudos and best wishes for them. ♥️

Shahi Emran Rony

this company works in time and it also provide serves so first .and the employer of this company is very well.they have a good behavior .
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