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About TripZip

TripZip is a youth initiative with the single objective to make the fun and soul refreshing activities of traveling in Bangladesh easily accessible to the youth. It is the one stop hub for the most exciting experiences, activities, adventures, tours and things to do for the novelty seeking souls in Bangladesh. Besides, TripZip provides a perfect platform where anybody can share their experience, reviews and photos and contribute to provide a credible travelling landscape for young travelers. The website has one dedicated section for blog posts that also comes up with the scope to search for posts related to any tourist spot or dining place, facilities and specialties and plan their travelling accordingly. 

TripZip believes that the true essence of a free spirited soul is born not out of comfort and convenience, but out of exploration and an eye for novelty. That being said, being avid travelers and adventure seekers (and women) ourselves, we have come a long way in trying to get our way around the country with limited information about offbeat travelling destinations and experiences, and wishing every time that things were a little easier

TripZip has started with a social mission to make travel more convenient for groups for whom traveling and exploring has not been always easy owing to various socioeconomic constraints, and allow them to explore Beautiful Bangladesh and fulfill their dreams. On the other hand, working with local guides, people and culture has given TripZip the ability to empower local communities as well through tourism and showcasing of the uniqueness of each region that has never been possible before. Hence, TripZip aims to connect, enable and empower youth and special groups at all ends of the tourism industry.

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